Spanking Tutorials

Ms. Harriet Marwood

Professional Disciplinarian and Spankologist

New York City



Harriet Marwood


Spanking Tutorials are lessons for anyone who wishes to learn the art and skill of spanking effectively and safely. Spanking play is not to be taken frivolously. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can inflict serious harm on your partner and that’s no fun at all. Moreover, if you become a skilled and safe spanker, it makes you a very desirable play partner to people in the spanking scene.

Individual Spanking Lessons for beginners:

If you’re a true enthusiast but are fairly new to actively participating in the Spanking scene, you might enjoy a lesson or two. Perhaps you don’t really have access to social groups who participate in OTK games, where you can go and watch others play, and pick up the right techniques. It’s not wise to jump into spanking someone cold. If you have no sense of what it feels like to be spanked, if you don’t know how to tell when, where and how hard to strike someone, how are you going to create a fun and satisfying experience for your partner and yourself? 

Spanking Tutorials are especially helpful to the Bottom who happens to be a Switch but has never Topped anyone. Such people learn quickly, because they know how it feels to be on the receiving side. A lesson to reinforce the safe ways to administer the effects of various implements, as well as a few tips about “technique” goes a long way toward bringing a feeling of confidence to those first Topping scenes.


Couples lessons:

Perhaps you’re a spanking fan but your significant other is a novice and he/she is nervous about dominating you in this way. Either she is afraid of feeling foolish and doing it wrong, or he is afraid of hurting you and doesn’t trust he can do that safely, and with the relish you hope he would exhibit.


Maybe you are both novices looking for new ways to add novelty to your romantic life. One or both of you have been attracted to spanking or being spanked and you want a way to jump start your play in the most exciting ways while making sure no one is harmed.


Group lessons:

Perhaps you belong to a social group who would enjoy learning some new tips and tricks from an expert, or playing with a vast variety of different implements, or getting new ideas about creating role play scenarios. Arrange a group spanking workshop and find out answers to all the questions you’ve never been able to ask before!                           

      The more the merrier!



 Or just plan a fun social party in Ms Marwood’s little Spankatorium.




Ms Marwood conducts her sessions in the warmth and privacy of her home. In this relaxed, intimate setting you and your partners can feel at ease and enjoy learning and playing the spanking games you love to explore.

If you prefer to rent a space at one of the local BDSM venues for your group or couple play-time, arrangements can be made for Ms Marwood to meet you there for a tutorial.



All questions about included activities and fee structure will be addressed via a phone interview. Ms Marwood tailors her sessions to individual needs. Fees are structured according to the duration of your visit and its content. Tutorial appointments require a minimum of 48 hours advance notice to schedule.



You can email Ms Marwood with questions and requests at 


Call and set up a phone interview at


Meanwhile, play safely