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To all my loyal supporters:

Even though I spend a lot of time correcting the naughty habits of you boys, I realize that you have a lot of time on your hands in between our visits.  Perhaps, if I tell you some stories, it will keep your minds occupied enough to resist getting into further mischief for a little while!


Keep dropping by this page to see new stories as I add them. And feel free to submit your own fables of fantasy for my consideration. Please, nothing longer than two pages.

And now:

Once upon a time...

School Daze

First day at the new school and you are none too pleased. For years, Mom and Dad threatened that if you didn't behave, they would send you to Catholic School where the nuns are strict and no one puts up with any excuses for naughtiness. You never believed they would follow through, but this time they did.

You walk down the hall. 'Hey, this might not be so bad...' you say to yourself as you watch all the young girls in their uniforms congregate around their lockers. "How's it goin'?" you wink at one of them. She smiles at you, looks at her girlfriends and they all start to giggle. 'Not so bad at all...' you muse.

But the bell rings and you soon find out that the boys and the girls are in separate classes, separate lunchrooms, separate gym classes, separate everything. How will you get a better look at some of those cute girls in their short plaid pleated skirts?

Finally, at lunchtime, you sneak off. You find the building housing the girl's gymnasium. There's a tree outside that borders the high windows. You wait till no one's looking and you climb. You shimmy out onto a far branch, and you peek inside. Glory Hallalujah, it's the jackpot! The girls locker room. A jumble of taught legs scrambling about in those short pleated skirts.... and then... they all start peeling off their skirts, and blouses... and joking with each other as they put their gym shorts and T-shirts on. In between, you get a pretty good look at what lacey items the girls wear underneath. 'Oh boy! You're gonna like Catholic School,' you think to yourself.

In second period, someone knocks on the door of your math class. They hand a note to Sister Evangeline, the Nun teaching the class, who motions to you to go follow the lady with the note. The next thing you know, you are sitting outside the office of Sister Mary Patrick, the assistant principal. The door opens. You are led in by the lady with the note,, She leaves you there.

Sister Mary Patrick, a tall scowling woman in her forties, in full nun's habit, is standing in front of her desk with a very thick YARDSTICK. "Young man, you are new to this school. But that does not excuse rude behavior! The groundskeeper assures me that you were seen scaling a tree by the girls' health center, peeking in the window to the changing room and helping yourself to some uninvited glances. I'm afraid that the punishment for such behavior is two dozen swats."

"You, you mean you're going to spank me???" you gulp, disbelieving what you hear.

"At this school, every infraction is met with the business end of my yardstick. ....Except for the truly serious offenses, like cheating, stealing, and fighting.... those are met with the same number of strokes from my rattan cane. You are lucky you were not caught doing something like that!"

"But, but you can't.... I mean.... my parents ,,, They never spank. They don't believe in swatting children. "

She pulls your trousers around your knees, and with her very strong arm, she bends you over her desk. She raises the yardstick she grips firmly in her other hand high above her head. "Then," she says sternly, "you should have obeyed your parents these past few years, when you had the chance!"

And with that, you hear the sharp swoosh of the yardstick! And your bottom is burning with swat after swat after swat! All you can think is: "It's going to be a very long three years here at Catholic School."


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