Ms. Harriet Marwood

Professional Disciplinarian and Spankologist

New York City

To Naughty Boys and Girls (of consenting age) Everywhere:

 This is, plain and simple, the most comprehensive, informative and entertaining book about spanking I have ever found.  Furthermore, it was written by a friend and colleague who has the experience to know whereof she speaks!  Please give it a look. 


To go to and get your copy of Governess Forbes' new book, just click on the photo above.

It is also available at the very fun website... along with their huge catalogue of spanking implements and related merchandise.  If you shop there, be sure to check out my "Joy of Spanking" articles posted on the site. You'll love them! 

The Joy of OTK, Part 1

The Joy of OTK, Part 2

 Bottoms up!

Ms. Marwood is well aware that many of the naughty boys who come to see her spend way too much time surfing the internet looking at naughty websites.  Here is a collection of sites that you may amuse yourself with between disciplinary visits. 


The Joy of OTK, Part 1

The Joy of OTK, Part 2



  • OVER HER KNEE.... A lovely spanking blog

  • Maternal Spankings for Adult Males