Ms. Harriet Marwood

Professional Disciplinarian and Spankologist

New York City


Ms. Marwood has a noted collection of spanking implements to address the needs of every disciplinary situation.  Whether you need the solid smack of the wooden paddle, the red-hot sting of the leather strap or the searing bite of the rattan cane across your bottom, rest assured that Ms. Marwood has just the right item in her arsenal to correct any attitudinal or behavioral problem.


 Here are a few of Ms. Marwood's implements. 



This is Ms Marwood's redwood saddle rack.  Ms Marwood will frequently place a pillow atop it, and then bend one of her recalcitrant gentlemen in half over it. It's just the perfect height for her to get a full swing with the cane -  dead center over the bare bottom!



 A couple of Ms Marwood's hairbrushes, shown here with one of Ms Marwood's favorite pieces: a thick, supple handled double leather strap.  Most boys who have been on the receiving end of this strap will agree that it is not a sensation they will soon forget.



These implements displayed atop Ms Marwood's high stool. Ms Marwood is fond of positioning a boy over its top, instructing him to grab tightly to its front legs below, to steady himself against the sharp smacks of her strap, school paddle, and thick holed paddle, pictured here. 
The leather looped strap comes in handy. for a nice warm-up. The blonde wooden school paddle possesses a surprisingly startling sting!  And this heavy wood paddle is known for getting the attention of all stubborn boys (or girls) once they become acclimated to the hand or strap and require something with a heavier whallop.



An array of Ms Marwood's paddles and straps displayed on her favorite straight-backed  chair. If you've been naughty, chances are you will grow well-acquainted with this chair. Not to mention many of these choice items!


Those who are truly naughty can earn a dose of my new magna-strop.  Be careful what you wish for - you just might get it!

To appreciate the proportions of this beautiful custom-made implement, hand crafted by a special friend, compare it in relation to some "normal" size items. 



Here are some new additions to Ms Marwood's arsenal. Surely your imagination can supply the rest of the story...

closer view

a very stinging strap

closer view

This beautiful handmade walnut paddle is perfect for OTK, but it packs a stinging whallop from a full-armed swing administered to a bare bottom nicely bent over my saddle rack!

A charming duet:

Enjoy various other views of these impactful items...

Poor lonely little cane. Needs a bare bottom to give it some purpose! .....Yours?



by request only!

Close-up view

 Relative perspective:  next to my normal tawse


ASK ABOUT MY EXTRA LONG BLACK TAWSE... couldn't get photo to load

Stay tuned!