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Spanking Life Coach Program




The profile of the average Spanking Lover is that of a highly successful, productive, assertive, results oriented individual. So successful, in fact, that he or she often is too busy to focus on his or her own PERSONAL GOALS.


Goals like ~


[]   starting that diet,

[]   getting back in shape,

[]   sorting out the mess in your apartment 

[]   organizing your office so that you begin delegating more or so that you don’t waste so much of your own time with nonsense

[]    writing that book you know you have in you

[]    or whatever that particular something is for you


Some practical lifestyle improvements are best turned over to an objective third party who can dispassionately look at your circumstances, assess your time, abilities, and needs and prioritize for you – creating a program in which the practical incremental steps are mapped out in small do-able chunks that painlessly add up to results.. IF you follow the plan. 

And SOMETIMES, you need to know that if you rationalize, justify delays or procrastinate, thereby NOT following the prescribed plan, there will be CONSEQUENCES. Conscequences that are left to the prevue of that objective third party, and therefore will be administered faithfully and appropriately. By now, you’ve surely realized what these consequences are: a strict, stern, sound spanking.


This is Life Coach Spankology.....



What Does a Spanking Life Coach Do?


A life coach is someone who helps you set goals.... then breaks each of the larger goals down to bite size chunks that are manageably doable on a daily or weekly basis. A Spanking Life Coach does that and more. A Spanking Life Coach spanks.


If you’re a spanking enthusiast you already know how cleansing and energizing it can be to get a good, sound spanking. You also know that it hurts. You love it but you also dread it when you know it’s coming! When you incorporate spanking as a motivational tool you gain many things:


[]    Your goal setting becomes more engaging. You get to incorporate a component that includes something that excites you. If you’re a spanko, you seek out spanking experiences. You love and need them periodically. This time you add the element of reality to them. How much more compelling is a spanking when it’s real? When you’re getting a good one because you know you really deserve it!


[]    And after all is said and done, once your bottom is rosy red and sore, after you take all your swats and spanks, you will feel that refreshed, purged exhilaration that comes when you’ve paid your dues and taken your lumps. The slate’s been wiped clean and you are re-energized and ready to tackle life anew.


[]    You will take your goals more seriously when you know someone smart and capable is (a) partnering with you in their fulfillment, (b) looking over your shoulder to check that you’re keeping up with your assignments in between one-on-one consultations and (c) adeptly delivering formidable consequences when you return for your in-person consultations, if you have not fulfilled on your promises. Promises you have declared to her, but which you have actually made to yourself.


[]    And the most important benefit of all: RESULTS.  A life coach always helps you produce results. Results that, for one reason or another, you just couldn’t get to on your own. A Spanking Life Coach puts the fear of god into you about what you have to look forward to if you don’t follow the plan! It’s very common these days, when everyone has more on their plate than they can handle, to let certain desired outcomes fall by the wayside. But if you have someone who is not only helping you structure your goals into manageable chunks, but also reminding you and keeping tabs on you along the way… if you have someone who is ready, willing and able to tan your hide good and proper if you slack off, and shows you what you have to look forward to if you don’t… then, you want to get the job done. Boy, do you ever!


The Marwood Life Coach Spankology Program



Harriet Marwood is a world-renowned adult disciplinarian with a reputation for stern but caring correctional measures for the betterment naughty boys and girls of all (consenting) ages. Her reputation for discretion, integrity and competence at her trade is well established.



Harriet Marwood also has a background in psycho-therapeutic practices. She has studied, for 7 years,  behavorial pattern deconstruction therapy with a 30-year NLP Master Practioner who literally wrote the book on this subject.  Also the linguistics work of Fernando Flores and the Other Than Conscious Therapy methods of Dave Dobson. She understands the thinking and behavioral patterns that keep people stuck in non-productive cycles and has proven successful in structuring individualized programs that have enabled people to transcend their stubborn, counterproductive habits and succeed at their goals. (Or else!)


Who better to incorporate all of your needs into one easy to follow program?


Your Life Coach Spankology Package




Your Life Coaching Package will be structured to fit your individualized needs.


Everyone has different time constraints. Everyone’s objectives have different degrees of complexity. Everyone’s temperament is different. Some require close and regular supervision and encouragement. Some work better if they given a step-by-step plan and can execute that plan autonomously, once the actions have been clearly delineated for them. And still others can work on their own for a limited time span and then they need a little push: knowing that there is someone who will check in on them midway through and confront them. Making sure that they aren’t procrastinating or assessing their progress unrealistically. Yes, people are different. But one thing must be consistent for all.

You must make a 3 Month Minimum Initial Commitment to the Program


Nothing can be attained without commitment. You have to take on your enterprise – the enterprise of making your life better – seriously.  Just like you take your job seriously.  To do that, you must agree to stick with it for a pre-determined amount of time. Because when the going gets rough, everyone wants to make excuses. Everyone thinks they can put themselves last... and put off those meaningful personal goals until a “more convenient time”, which, essentially, turns out to be NEVER. 


Once you've commited to the 3 Month Start-up Interval


Your program will be designed specifically for your needs. You can choose weekly, bi-monthly or monthly consultation meetings. In the intervals BETWEEN those meetings, you will be implementing the steps of the designated plan. You can choose the length of the intervals between your Life Coaching consultations.


Consultations are between 90 to 120 minutes. Many candidates find that once their program gets going, they require shorter consultations (and less punishing spankings) and these consultation meetings become a source of pride and encouragement, rather than scrutiny and punishing consequences. Ms Marwood’s “motivational” methods are stern but fair. The recalcitrant candidates who are stubborn and slow about following the plan might need some more serious “convincing” after their discussion and planning session. The candidates who adapt, follow the simple, bite-sized steps Ms Marwood sets forth for them often find their spankings to be more “recreational” in nature and something to actually (but cautiously) look forward to. Either way, it’s a win-win, because – one way or another- Ms Marwood will make sure you shape up and tow the line!


After your initial intake visit, where you will participate in a discussion of your goals and needs, Ms Marwood will devise for you a “Short List”.  This is a mangable number of steps for you to accomplish between then and your next visit -- usually between 3 and 5 things, depending on the Interval between your Coaching & Correction sessions.




Will you get a spanking during your Initial Intake visit? 




Your Intake Spanking is designed to “inspire” you to take your instructions very seriously.  It is not as severe as the type of spanking given to a lazy or recalcitrant candidate.  It is not the more moderate “recreational” spanking given to good candidates who are meeting their goals. It is stern enough to let you know that, if you know what’s good for you, you will take your commitments seriously and work your plan or you will very much regret it!  This is not a game.***





Since the particulars of each candidate’s coaching package is individually designed, the plan and frequency of check-ins - and the commensurate fee scale - can only be determined after a telephone consultation with Ms Marwood. 




To apply to be a Life Coaching candidate,  email Ms Marwood with a letter of introduction and the answer to these few short questions:


1.    What is your primary need or objective?  If you have more than one, list them, BUT do not select more than THREE.

2.    What has prevented you, to date, in accomplishing the objective(s)? What do you see as your main obstacles?

3.    Can you make an initial 3 MONTH commitment to an effective program of minimally invasive simple active steps?

4.    State your preference for consultation meetings as one of the following:  (a)Weekly (b) Every 2 Weeks, or (c) Once a month




***If it’s games you want, you can contact Ms Marwood for a standard OTK session at  The  Spankatorium where you get to co-create the elements of your recreational spanking experience.If you wish to address your goal-setting issues without a long range commitment - on a one-off, case by case basis - this is one way to do it.



For the fastest response, send your application for Life Coaching by email to:






If you are not able to communicate by email, you can call the following number and follow the instructions there to arrange a phone interview with Harriet Marwood.  Just be preapared with your answers to the 4 Questions listed above.








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