Ms. Harriet Marwood

Professional Disciplinarian and Spankologist

New York City



The daunting fate facing naughty Melissa here follows...

Will naughty Melissa never learn her lesson?

Once again Ms Marwood had to have a little chat with Melissa. She did not keep her promise to clean her room and do her homework before she went out with her boyfriend. Now she's going to have to take what's coming to her!


Obviously, Melissa is getting a proper scolding. But she's still got her jeans on, so this can't be the end of it, can it?

Keep checking back for the next chapter of the Naughty Melissa saga, and see what happens when Ms Marwood pulls her pants down!!!


Tsk, tsk, tsk!  Melissa has not apologized and Ms Marwood has no choice but to raise the stakes!  Time to pull her pants down.

"You know what you did, young lady!  Do you have anything to say for yourself...?!"

Apparently, Melissa has nothing to say. Her stubbornness will only earn her a

a dose of the hairbrush paddle. 

...and the wooden school paddle...

Ouch! That paddle did the trick! Looks like her cheeks are starting to blush. They must be getting sore...

Ms Marwood leaves Melissa to sulk in front of the saddle rack... to wonder whether she will be bent over it to receive a sound strapping... unless she relents and chooses to apologize!  I guess we'll have to wait and see.


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