Ms. Harriet Marwood

Professional Disciplinarian and Spankologist

New York City


Feedback from Grateful Naughty Boys and Girls



"This lady is an admirably well equipped spankologist with sharp eyes and firm skills and a wicked sense of fun. She is adept at receiving errant men and women and making them sorry while at the same time making them wriggle with discomfort and chagrin.   A visit is an exciting and demanding thrill, while not being harsh or senseless. She is especially good at being the tough headmistress or the sparky aunt or the outraged trainer. Calmly ferocious and fiercely accurate! But at the same time she listens and takes pains to deliver what her visitor is seeking, neither more nor less than the target naughtiness deserves and expects.  And she delivers the chastisement with wit, panache  and elegance. 

Warmly recommended"

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