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To all my loyal supporters:

Even though I spend a lot of time correcting the naughty habits of you boys, I realize that you have a lot of time on your hands in between our visits.  Perhaps, if I tell you some stories, it will keep your minds occupied enough to resist getting into further mischief for a little while!


Keep dropping by this page to see new stories as I add them. And feel free to submit your own fables of fantasy for my consideration. Please, nothing longer than two pages.

And now:

Once upon a time...

School Daze


Be Careful What You Wish For


All heads turn as she enters the room, as she's well aware. You turn to see what everyone's looking at, and quickly understand.  Her athletic figure is well-featured in the tailored business suit.  Your eyes follow the hem of her straight skirt down over shapely calves and into a pair of understated black pumps.  She ignores the stares and takes a seat at the bar... ordered a vodka martini, not too dry.

You've had a few drinks, you've got your courage up, you straighten your tie and approach her. She turns her startling blue-eyed smile on you. For a moment you forget your purpose, caught up in her gaze.

"Can I help you?"  she proffers, with a clinical air.

"Oh, uh, mmm.  Well, I wanted to ask if I could--"

"Buy me a drink."  She smiles at your surprise. "I noticed you over there debating with yourself about coming over here. I mean why WOULD a strange man approach me? To have a meaningful dialogue?  How could we? What do you know about me? So why don't you say it???"

Your tongue seems stuck in the back  of your throat. You're a little unprepared. The conversation you had with yourself in your head before leaving the table did have questions like this.   "What do you mean?" you come back with rather transparently.

"Why waste time?  You're a guy.  You don't want to know me... you want to take me somewhere private and you hope, between now and then, you'll figure out a way to encourage me to take off all my clothes... just for you. Shall we be honest?"

"That would be a good outcome," you hear yourself blurt.

Shockingly, she grabs you by the hand, takes a last sip of her martini, and leads you out of the room under the envying stare of everyone.

You get into her hotel room.  You nervously take a seat on the edge of the bed. She stalks over to you, "Take off your clothes. I"ll go get us some ice to mix a drink." Disbelieving, you hastily comply as she leaves the room.

Minutes go by... you sit naked on the bed, tensely watching that door... when all of a sudden the door opens. It's her........ and along with her are two other ladies, also fit and athletic, who walk to the window and stand, looking at you.  Wow! You really hit the jackpot tonight.

"These are my friends, Donna and Alexis  We come to this bar once a week, because eventually some idiot is going to think that by buying us a drink and whispering some idiot small talk we will be magically drawn to him and crave to have him rock our world...

Donna chimes in,"And we are extremely bored of you men with your brains in your crotch thinking that we were somehow put on the earth for your entertainment."

Then Alexis adds, " So, one by one, we execute our mission to administer a little "discouragement therapy." and with that, Donna grabs your belt and Alexis and the mysterious woman grab your arms and pin you to the bed on your stomach. And WHAP!  you thought you were seeing stars at that first unexpected sting of your own belt on your own bare behind! 

"Damn, you chicks are sssstrong!" you squeal.

"Oh, we're strong alright.  And if you're smart you won't be calling us "chicks." she says.

"Yes, we are going to teach you a little respect for, as you call us, "the weaker sex." says Donna.  Then Alexa laughs to herself,"That's us, Donna. We're here to change hearts and minds." 

And you feel the SMACK of your belt, and the instant warm sting  that almost brings tears to your eyes. "Damn," you think,"This is not the way this evening was supposed to go."




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