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Kevin just started in the seventh grade. He was very impressed with himself when some 9th Graders decided he was pretty cool when he tripped a nerd in the lunchroom and made everybody laugh. This got him an invite to hang out with the big kids. 


Today, he's regretting that. A week ago, Mitch and Sam, two of the big kids, had the great idea of drilling a hole in the closet wall so they could all peep into the girls locker room.  They'd been meeting there after lunch every day this week and getting their jollies. Yesterday, Horace Vincent, the nerd that Kevin tripped, spied them doing just that and took great pleasure ratting the boys out to the school principal, Mrs, Sheffer. Today, Kevin, Mitch and Sam are sitting in her outer office.


"Kevin," she says, as she peers her head out the open door. "Yes, Ma'am," answers Kevin, reluctantly.  "I will start with you, and work my way up to Mitch, whom, I'm sure is the misguided mastermind of this caper." "Yes, Ma'am," Kevin whispers, and drags his apprehensive self into her office.


"I'm sure you heard, Kevin, that here in Junior HIgh School, we do not put up with mischief. And I am of the mind that the best deterrent is good, old-fashioned discipline."


"You mean... like a spanking?" Kevin gulps.  She nods definitively. "But, but... My mom stopped spanking me years ago.  I'm too old to get a spanking."


"You can ask your parents if you like, but we clearly state in our charter that a bare bottomed spanking, paddling, caning and the like, would be the consequence of anyone breaking school rules." She summarily stalks over to Kevin, jerks him up from his chair, and tugs on his jeans, dropping them to his ankles. Kevin shivers in his knickers as Mrs Sheffer then sits in straight back chair, pulls him to her lap and announces,"First a merciful warm-up with your tighty-whities on, and then, young man, you will feel the sting of my paddle... on the bare! Hopefully, when we're done, you will be sufficiently inspired to behave yourself!"


And down comes her hand, whap-whap-whap!  Kevin can't believe how much a bare hand can hurt over his drawers!  If this is her "warm-up"...he thinks... what is the paddling going to feel like? 


After a dozen or so more additional stinging swats, Ms. Sheffer bends her head down, grabs a scruff of Kevin's hair and pulls Kevin's face to meet hers. "Make yourself comfortable, young man. You're going to be here for awhile," she hisses. She straightens herself, sets the paddle down, and slides the belt out from the loops on her straight black skirt. She raises her right arm high and soon the thick leather meets with Kevin's already sore bare flesh. "Ow! Ow! Owwwww!," he cries. "Please! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" But his entreaties meet with no sympathy.


Outside in the outer office, Mitch and Sam cringe at the sounds coming from behind   Ms. Sheffer's door. They know they're next.


Inside, Ms Sheffer has Kevin firmly by his ear and is marching him into the corner. "Put your nose against the wall, Mister!  You watch that wall and you stay put until I tell you to turn around." She walks to the far side of the room and dials her phone. Kevin tries to make out what she's doing but he cannot. Soon she's behind him. She jerks him by the arm and drags him to her desk. "Bend over! I'm getting the yardstick!"


"Please, Ms. Sheffer, I was just kidding around with the guys. I've learned my lesson. Aren't we done yet?"


"We are done when I say we're done, and not before!" She reaches under her desk and pulls out a thick yardstick. She taps his bare bottom a few times to get her aim, then she lets it fly. Once, twice, three times.... half a dozen sharp swats!  His cheeks are glowing red now.


From the tip of his attention, Kevin hears a shuffling and tries to look up. Ms. Sheffer grabs him by the hair again, this time forcing his head down on the desk. "Nevermind, Kevin. I would think you had enough to do tolerating the sting of your licking!" Again she let's the yardstick gain purchase on his burning cheeks a dozen times. Then she sees her hairbrush on the window ledge and grabs it. Whack! Whack! Whack! Kevin can't keep from squirming. Ms. Sheffer wraps a leg over his flailing limps and swats away with the hairbrush. One dozen, two dozen, THREE dozen strokes! Kevin cannot hold back the tears.


Finally, she lets up, seeing that Kevin is exhausted and soaked with sweat. His eyes are red with tears. "I think you've been taken off that high horse of yours."


"Yes, Ma'am."


"But I do not take kindly when boys tease or pick on the girls here at this school, and I have a zero tolerance policy for it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am."


"Well, just so you don't forget this little message I've tried to impart to you today.... why don't you turn around now."


Slowly Kevin rises, feeling the burning sting on his cheeks with his hand. And when he turns, what does he see but entire girls gym class stifling giggles and jabbing each other with amusement. Ms. Sheffer nods to them and they skitter out of her office, tittering amongst one another and pointing at Kevin, who stands there with his trousers still draped around his ankles. Now the cheeks on his face are as red as the ones on his bare bottom.


Ms. Sheffer smiles wryly. "I think I've made an imprssion on you today. I hope we won't have to have this conversation again, young man. Because the next time would be MUCH worse. Now pull your pants up and go on out."


"Yes, Ma'am. Thank you, Ma'am."


Just as he reaches the door, she stops him. "Just a minute."


He freezes in terror for a moment. "Yes...?" he trembles.


"You can send Mitch in now."



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