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To all my loyal supporters:

Even though I spend a lot of time correcting the naughty habits of you boys, I realize that you have a lot of time on your hands in between our visits.  Perhaps, if I tell you some stories, it will keep your minds occupied enough to resist getting into further mischief for a little while!


Keep dropping by this page to see new stories as I add them. And feel free to submit your own fables of fantasy for my consideration. Please, nothing longer than two pages.

And now:

Once upon a time...


School Daze


Be Careful What You Wish For




A Visit With Aunt Marlene

Auntie Marlene has caught you in her purse again!  Boy, that scowl always strikes fear in your heart. She's not like your mom. She doesn't just give you a lecture and take away your TV priviledges.  You know what she'll undoubtedly do...
And sure enough, here she comes with that look on her face. She pulls you by your ear. "March, Mister!"
She hustles you into her bedroom.
You see her bra and panties hanging on a hook. Auntie Marlene is as old as your mom but she has a much better figure. You can't stop glancing at her under-garments. 
She sees where your eyes keep going. "You are really gonna get it now! AND, I'm going to tell your father about your rudeness!"
Double uh-oh! 
She unbuckles your belt and unbuttons your jeans. She sits on the end of the bed, having already grabbed her hairbrush off the dresser. "Oh crap!" You think to yourself. "I'm really gonna get it now!"
"Please, Auntie, not the hairbrush, I'll be good. I promise!" you beg. 
"I've raised three boys," she retorts. " Every one of them had a lot of sincere, hearty promises when they were over my knee. They soon forgot them whenever I felt sorry for them and let them off the hook without a good bare bottom blistering. I know better now. Spare the paddling and spoil the child!"
She peels down your knickers.  "Oh, no! You're not going to use that hairbrush on my bare behind, are you?!  I mean, I know I'm not getting out of this spanking, but.... the hairbrush!?  That's really gonna sting!"
"Oh, your darn right it will!" smiles Aunt Marlene. "But you'll think twice before you ever contemplate taking something that does not belong you after this!" And then she grabs your arm and jerks you over her lap!
Whack-whack-whack!  The hard surface of the hairbrush wakes up the skin on your rear end. "A dozen more and then I'm getting the strap out!" she announces.
"Oh, please! I'll be good. I promise. I know I was a naughty boy, but I'll be good. I'm really sorry."
"Oh, you'll be sorry alright... You'll be getting a couple dozen smacks with the strap.... then I'm going to stand you up against the wall and give you some good hard strokes  with my yardstick, and believe me, they are going to STING. This bare bottom is going to be VERY sore!  And when I get through with you, I'm going to tell your mother and father about this naughty thing you've done.  I'm sure your father will have a thing or two to say about your behavior when HE gets home."
Uh-oh, times ten!  You are really in for it now.



Big Man on Campus


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